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What is Amadeus?

Written in PHP, Amadeus is a Microframework or Content Management System used for hand crafting powerful websites.

It's a no-nonsense proprietary system, unique for its NO-DATABASE and customizable taxonomy (content architecture).

It has been used in over 20 websites - best of all, it uses a single copy of its libraries per server and can run on your server using the standaloneapp variable.

The themes and framework folders contained in its core are accessed via an entry point by the cms file of the site's code folder.

It boasts a 20kb footprint, has a few modules and loads the html in a blazing < .05 seconds, using on average < 1MB as seen here. It extensively uses the scandir and file_get_contents which calls the disk as seen here.

It uses git technology to effectively manage content and code in a single online repository. Databases, though frowned upon, GCP may become the de facto Headless CMS for systems like Sunlight. A PWA was proven in November 2021 to bring a mobile app feel.

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