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Amadeus' Documentation

Theme Creation — Documentation

Zip file per Theme

  1. Copy theme folder.
  2. Add everything except home.php, header.php, footer.php to the zip file.
  3. move zip file to amadeus/themes/downloads & upload it to server using ftp sync.
  4. copy install-theme.bat (from cv-modern-blog) and change file name.
  5. delete extrected contents (from zip file) and test batch file.

Converting Legacy Theme

  • replace cs_var with am_var
  • use new run_site_code('menu') which returns false to be used to call menu() or render the default footer content.

1. Finding a Theme

Start with a HTML Template from the internet. Some good places to start:


2. Save to themes folder

  • Download the zip file to the "amadeus/themes/" folder / move it there
  • Extract the folder to themes so that the subfolder contains "index.html"
    • Rename the folder to add hyphens before new words and remove capitals.
    • For eg: BizLand should become biz-land (we prefer lowercase for urls so all folder/file names should follow that rule.

3. header.php

  • Save the index.html as header.php
  • Use a code editor like PSPad to edit the php, html, css, js files

a. Title and Meta

Search For <title> and replace the line with: <title><?php title(); ?></title>

Search for <meta content="" name="description"> <meta content="" name="keywords"> and replace with (a single) <?php seo_tags(); ?>

b. Icon (for browser tab)

and add this line just after that `

<link href="<?php echo am_var('url'); ?><?php echo am_var('safeName'); ?>-icon.png" rel="icon" />

## c. $theme
Search for


and replace with

**"<?php echo $theme; ?>assets**

* some themes use directly css/ and js/ folders and this may need to be treated separately

## d. site assets
Search for all the css/js files in the file. This is either in the head or just before </body>.
After it, add the line:

<?php styles_and_scripts(); ?> <?php foot_hooks(); ?> `

e. head hooks

Before the tag ends, add the line <?php head_hooks(); ?>

f. Menu

In, its usually within this tag <nav class="nav-menu d-none d-lg-block">

Move it to menu.html and replace it with

<?php if (!run_site_code('menu')) menu(); ?>

4. Specific Features


Some themes have a right first page header or a splash image. This code can be controlled pagewise using <?php run_site_code('head'); ?>

LOGO / link to home

This should look something like this: <a href="<?php echo am_var('url');?>"><img src="<?php echo am_var('url'); ?><?php echo am_var('safeName'); ?>-logo.png" alt="<?php echo am_var('name'); ?>" class="img-fluid"></a>

5. Chop into home.php and footer.php

Detect home.php

Detect begin of content of the page This is sometimes where </header> ends

On bootstrapmade, this is the beginning of the hero section rest of content should go to home.php or content/index.php

Detect Footer

This is sometimes where the tag ends

Rest of file should go into footer.php

6. Footer

Footer Content

this is usually a footer-top sort of div above which this line should be placed <?php if (!run_site_code('footer-content')) { ?> //[default theme content] <?php } ?> this will tell php to use the [optional] _footer-content.php from the website


<?php copyright(); ?>
//this is same as 
&copy; Copyright <strong><span><?php echo am_var('name'); ?></span></strong>. <?php echo (am_var('start_year') ? am_var('start_year') . ' - ' : '') . date('Y'); ?> All Rights Reserved


Add <br /><?php amadeus_credits(); ?> in the footer (usually below the theme credits

Post Credits

if necessary, add <?php if (am_var('footer_post_credits')) { echo renderFile(am_var('footer_post_credits')); } ?>

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