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Amadeus' Documentation

Authoring Content — Documentation

Authoring with Amadeus

We use a simple sytax called markdown which is easier to maintain that typical html.

The fallback is to html which is supported in txt files and includes the powerful wpautop feature of Wordpress.

More complex content can use all the php and amadeus builtin funcions in php, like an authors site or a theme that consumes a sheet or a complex, cached, delta providing sitemap or a simple one that uses the recursive_menu.

All 3 files types viz .md, .txt and .php are supported in advanced taxonomies by the renderFile method by the optional before_render and did_render_page of functions.php.

Dear Website Owner / Content Author

Authoring online never was easier than with Amadeus and Google Drive... - Ask for a project to be setup - Then ask that its content be shared on the [](Amadeus Content Drive) and shared with you.

Dear Developer / Content Admin

  • [Drive Download](

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