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Amadeus' Documentation

Making Websites — Documentation


To have amadeus running locally as per the setup.

Jumpstart with the YieldMore flavour

It is expected for you to amend this document as you have doubts / clarify them with Imran.

Migrating from v3.5 to the new YM flavour

After including entry.php, add this: define('SITEPATH', __DIR__); am_var('flavour', 'yieldmore'); runCode('cms');

rename cms to ../site-cms.php

see settings

'use-parent-slugs' => true,
'sections-have-files' => true,
'home-link-to-section' => true,

add sections and optionally featuredSections (used by directory/home)

For more details see joyfulearth/core migration of Aug 2023.

Starting a Website From Scratch

NOTE: Do this only if the design is radically different from

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