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Featured Sites Built

Amadeus Web


Home page of the Amadeus Builder and Web Services

A fresh start with the UI and with the intention to formalize the platform and register the codebase, this is the latest work.
- Imran

Awaken To Life


Educator and Parent Services by Vidya Shankar

THe first website in v3.0, we were able to encourage the website owner with our attention to content and methodical way of building on it using Amadeus' content tracking system.
- Imran

Cascade FLS


Parent Led Montessori Cooperative

A website converted from Wordpress, we spent a whole weekend polishing the content and after a few days of JShri's attention, its come out looking stellar.
- Imran

Common Planet Book

launched mini book site

An evolution in economics towards a common planet

Written in 3 days, this site simply publishes a pdf of a book, includes analytics and forsees integration with post book launch.
- Imran
Imran was fantastic to work with
- Remzi Bajrami

Fourtune Computers

live in Nov 2022

Data Storage Integrators from Bangalore

On hold by Website Owner, this one needs content revision and boasts the elegant modern blog theme by canvas
- Imran
My nephew Imran kept pressing the need for a rewrite and to move away from godaddy and am happy with the results so far. Amadeus has been a breeze though the learning curve was a bit high.
- K Venkatachalam

Imran's World

verge of promoting

Imran's Poetry and Prose

Begun in 2019, this one is heavy on the programmming and supports a full fledged spreadsheet inventory of the nearly 500 pieces of work. Recently revamped thanks to encouragement from a few dear friends.
- Imran

Love For Life

just started development

Love for Life and Kindom

Just begun working on, this website for some valiant friends down under.
- Imran

Sri Aurobindo Dhama


An ashram near Bangalore

Simple website for an up and coming Ashram devoted to building the spiritual communes that Sri Aurobindo envisaged.
- Imran
We were impressed with Imran's ability to catpure the essence of our organization and it's vision and spin out the content for it so well.
- Satyavrata Rao

Verna Work Tool

just started development

Site for a gunas or hues based potential assessment tool

Assessment tool based on the ancient indian verna system.
- Imran
Imran's attention to detail and creativity are proomising to make this a smooth project
- Poonam GK


redesign under works

Farming and Hydroponics Consultant

Basic website for a farming technique consultant and hypdroponics engineer.
- Imran


facelift under workds

Imran's network to trigger dialogue and action - since 2013

Our oldest site, YM has been rewriten 4 times in Amadeus and boasts over 100 pages neatly organized in 3 level folders and supports multiple extensions so images and pdfs can be indexed as well.
- Imran

YM Legacy


5 year wordpress site, migrated to Amadeus

Imported from wordpress which was archived when Amadeus first began, this boasts 15 sites (wp multisite) and over a 100 pages. Menu is a 4 level dropdown and have imported 10 works from biblios (2011) as well.
- Imran

Other Practice Sites

Cselian Tech

theme revisit, blog to import from wp

Imran since 2005, engineer, programmer, blogger

A barebones site that features a few of Imran's old pages circa 2013 and planned to support his pre YM blog.
- Imran

Muneer Ahamed

needs more content

Media Consultant Showcase

Video portfolio for a friend who has been a cinematographer for over 50 years, this site may split into ones for his GDMV and HII.
- Imran

Nebula Solutions

pending game completion

An infotainment game called Intelli-Tick

On hold game development in php and jQuery.
- Imran

Samata Books


Publishing spiritual books

Catalogue website for publisher friend who deals exclusively in spiritual books since 1977
- Imran

VidZeal Skincare

under development, UPI snagged

A Skincare and Aromatherapy Healer

Our first canvas site, this features a catalogue and a cart.
- Imran

YieldMore in 2020

archived in 2020, content heavy and fb integrated

How YieldMore looked in 2020 - the first major write in Amadeus.
- Imran

YieldMore in 2021

archived in 2021

Shortlived, this version had floating blurbs and a concise slideshow
- Imran

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