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Technical Reasons to Adopt

Our's is a better platform that Imran Ali Namazi, it's creator, with 22 years of software craftsmanship strongly recommends. He will take full responsibility for it.

It has a plan for adoption within the developer community and we are working with a few seniors and mentors to offer certification training in it within 2023.

Until then, you, our collaborators are benefitors for no extra cost than his time.

Imran has worked with Vb6, .Net, php, Javascript both with vanilla codebases and sophisticated frameworks building as well as consuming frameworks - for hobby and enterprise level products and once AmadeusWeb began in Nov 2019, has not looked back for projects where he is sole contributor.

The Environment Data (from database) synchronization nightmare in MOST SYSTEMS is a breeze in Amadeus which will let a team make extensive content changes on their machines, integrate them and resolving conflicts and collisions using git resolution methodology and then do a granular update to staging and live! For its diligence in content alone, Amadeus remains a HANDS DOWN WINNER.

Some Comparisons

Pros / Pluses
- Feature Marketplace
- Easy to create and change
- Logins for changes
Cons / Minuses
- Bloatware
- Security Nightmare
- No content architecture and tracking
- Database abstraction
- Plugin mania, management difficulties or coding customised ones are little tough
Amadeus Web
Pros / Pluses
- Lightweight and minimalistic
- Content is on open source standards, collaboration via git
- Helps Imran make a case for it.
- Collaborators can develop a bunch of content offline or on a fork and submit for review
- Backup is inherent, test offline and publish is easy (no hassle with environments)
- Features can be hand coded. Has an artisan feel.
- Sheets and Presentations are also simple content trackable.
- Plays well with aurelia.io and supabase.com though implementations are still in the works.
- Is driven by convention and has many reference codebases published publically (see bitbucket links at top)
Cons / Minuses
- Setup and Learning Curve
- Lack of tons of plugins.
- No login or wysiwyg (an advantage from a security point of view)
- No developer community though its super simple for a goof front end / php developer to pick up