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Once the website is setup locally, do the following

  • Look at the new theme and understand its various elements.
  • Compare it with BizLand to know that rich page sections can vary.
  • See ./amadeus/themes/cv-yoga/home.php / view source of the output to understand the html.
  • See Rich Pages built in Amadeus that are sheet driven.
  • Start correlating the content with the sheet and take a note on what section to be done.

Understanding the System

Basic Syntax

Load Sheet

This command will load the 'home' sheet from the data folder of the website <?php $sheet = get_sheet('home', 'homeSection'); ?>


This will let you loop through rows matching a given section. Once you start a flower brackets { and switch to html by typing ?> then you need to make sure there is a closing bracket.

<?php foreach ($home->sections['hero'] as $item) {?>
//html that may use item_r
<?php } ?>

Load Column

An item_r function is defined in functions.php and it handles any needed substitutions and strategies for the website. It will include | to newline character replacement as sheets do not support multiline content. For Example, to render the Heading, you may say

<h1><?php item_r('title', $item); ?></h1>

Full Sample

  <?php foreach ($home->sections['abouts'] as $item) {?>
    <i class="<?php item_r_or('css', $item, 'bx bx-store-alt'); ?>"></i>
      <h5><?php item_r('title', $item); ?></h5>
      <p><?php item_r('content', $item); ?></p>
  <?php } ?>

Wrapping Up

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