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Named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, amadeusweb.com gets its name from the movie about him.

I'm still passionate about solving content and presentation challenges after building both simple and enterprise level websites and IT Products for 20 years.

I created Amadeus as something refreshing, content developer centric and well crafted in 2019 with its 20-odd sites developed by me already".

Am pleased to announce that we are working on a course that will include creative expression / writing / blogging (in amadeus) / media creation and programming.

Imran Ali Namazi, Founder ~ team@yieldmore.org.

Welcome to Amadeus Web

We craft websites with the utmost care and attention to elegance and simplicity using our unique platform.


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We offer LONG TERM Website Building where layers of content are added every year.

No Security or Publishing Hassles

The key advantage of Amadeus CMS is that copy, images, docs etc can be changed locally then uploaded with the click of a button

  • Content Flexibility and Tracking

    Content and Presentations can be organized to suit your taste and multiple file types added (mp3, pdf, html) to serve a single page. All is tracked using git at bitbucket.org.

  • All the Power of PHP

    A Microframework in PHP, Amadeus has 10 core files and more modules on demand. The site can have loads of code written for its every whim and want. The framework supports html slideshows and markdown as well.

Amadeus is for Do-it-yourself enthusiasts, programmers and designers who dont mind looking under the hood.

Custom Content Architecture 85%
Integrates any HTML Theme 80%
Simple Powerful PHP Coding 90%
No Plugin or Security Nightmare 90%
No Database - Code and Content Backed up to GIT 90%
Theme Optimization and Compliance 80%

kB of Framework Code


Sites Built


Themes Ready


Framework Files



See how our projects went and what our clients had to say.

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The Amadeus Experience

What Makes us Unique

When working with us with our truly unique Amadeus Web Builder Platform, here are some of the advantages it brings.


Our unique database-less paradigm shift platform means that your website, content, programming and graphics are all stored in neatly organized folders.


Since we are built on top of modern web technologies like html5 and php, the sky truly is the limit on what's possible to extend in your website.


Themes take a couple of hours to convert and set up, and you can pay designers for great themes as is your wont.


We can optimize html themes based on lighthouse reports and our own framework is hardly 100Kb (yes kilo bytes) and loads the html pages in under one tenth of a second.


No login means your website is super secure and CANNOT be hacked, unless you give out the SFTP password.


Built using a few small, yet powerful php scripts, no login also means no Visual Editors. Let us do the programming and loading of content for you if you do not want to peep under the hood.


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