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Amadeus' Blog

Early 2023 Linkedin — Blog

My crowning programming achievement and sheer poetry in coding - a file based website builder that doesn't require databases (uses sheets instead), see it's benchmark details at

  • load time: 0.009 secs
  • memory: 981.35 KB
  • 34 included files with total size of 109.52 KB (framework alone is 25 Kb)
  • 12 disk calls with total duration of 7076.025 micro seconds

What it took

  • 14 years after I was considered a guru in the "Art of Programming" at in 2009,
  • 10 years of IViewer (vb6 and .net) - 2000 to 2010
  • 8 years of file based website features both in vanilla php, Microvic and Wordpress - 2011 to 2019
  • 10 other websites - see
  • 5 flavours of alone built using Amadeus since 2020

Do see us making a case for it and how it stacks up against wordpress - see

And if you wanna take her for a spin, see

Or look at the framework itself -

Almost all sites built have their code/content freely available at either or


Contact me to learn to use it, as a client, student or as a trainer.

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