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Amadeus' Blog

V4 Release Jul 2023 — Blog

Amadeus v4 is Launched

Version 4.1 of Amadeus is now officially out!

It includes this blog section, supports the sparkling new and 3D Project and has the follwing details and release notes.


  1. 4.1 Release Notes
  2. Module Enhancements

YieldMore Code Flavour

The code folder was getting rather repetitive and hard to maintain across multiple sites. In an effort to DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) I took the code folder from the new begun in June 2023 and made it an Amadeus Code Flavour. This was it can be used to jumpstart code development. The new runCode will first look in the site for the possibly overridden file and site developers will have an option to merge back (we can always do a diff)

NOTE: am_var('flavour') is optional and the 'flavour' setting of runCode can be used individually so for instance the yieldmore gallery can be used (by this blog) without using all its 'flavour' code.

[Extended Profile Pages] - see did_render_page

Internally called node and node-item (the keyword section is used for the top level menus), Profile pages like yieldmore/imran-ali-namazi now support the following

Sections / Enhancements

Render Methods

These deal with html/text/markdown

These are for other features

3d Rendering

Rich Pages

Now section reading supported by Assistant

Assistant Module

It scans sections of content and offers to read them out using native text to speech features as developed in YM Ideas. It uses add_foot_hook to include its assets.

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