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See our v4 release or our services. We are the technology backbone of the YieldMore Network and of Joyful Earth through which we offer services. Engage with Amadeus Web

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Getting Started — Documentation

Pointing to Our Servers

If the Domain Name Server is to be ours, whereby the website is hosted on our server, then you will need to login to your Domain Admin and set the nameservers as


This is our where we have been customers of their shared hosting plan since May 2005.

Setup Subdomain preview.[]

(if our's is not your DNS server)

  1. go to your domain host
  2. create an A record for the subdomain
  3. give the IP as

Setting up Environment

This section assumes that you no longer feel a noobie, and that you have read the Don't Panic page which introduces the concepts below.

  1. Create folder D:\Magique. If there is no C Drive, you may have to go to Disk Management and Shrink Volume to create a D:\ drive if it doesnt exist, or any drive other than C (which data will get lost in the event of a OS / hardware failure).
  2. Install git and tortoisegit so code can be managed. Git requires to check-in and check-out line endings as is, so make sure to select this correctly in the Wizard. TortoiseGit First Run Wizard requires a email - give If you miss the line endings chane in the wizard, in git bash, you can run git config -global core.autocrlf "false"
  3. Download the bitbucket/amadeusweb/amadeus/ or YieldMore World. See for all projects. We recommend using the YM code Flavour to jump start your development. Note that the bitbucket app key can be had from Imran for account amadeuswebdev.
  4. Install php with administrator command prompt using chocolatey instructions below on windows or on mac.
  5. Make a batch file called run-web.bat in the web folder with "php -S localhost:80" after making sure Skype or anything else is not using port 80. Always make sure this is running while doing development, else localhost will not open.
  6. Extract the theme assets (see below) that your site is using - for Amadeus, this is biz-land (see cms.php).
  7. Run the server (bat file) and open localhost/amadeus/ and localhost/yieldmore/ in the browser and it should show the folder contents.
  8. Before uploading to a server, you will need an FTP Client like FTPSync or Beyond Compare.
  9. Install a Code Editor like VSCode on any platform or PSPad on Windows.

Command Lines for PHP Setup

Chocolatey, dubbed "The Package Manager for Windows" is a system for installing (with dependancies) packages like PHP which have different prerequisites depending on the version, service pack and hotfixes installed in windows. The PowerShell and choco install commands below to be run in CMD Prompt with Administrator privileges. REM indicates a batch file remark and is the source where said command is from.


@"%SystemRoot%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "[System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = 3072; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))" && SET "PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin"


choco install php --package-parameters='"/ThreadSafe"'

Theme Extraction

This assumes a theme has been created and zipped as per this page.

If this step is not done properly for the theme the current website is using / trying to use you will get a lot of 404 not found errors and the website will appear broken / plain white.

  1. Save the zip from the theme downloads page into the theme folder if not done already. For Amadeus you will need biz-land.
  2. Extract "here" and get all the assets - css, js and default images.
  3. Load / refresh the website and see that there are no missing assets.
  4. If your git client (usually tortoisegit) shows theme assets as being different, this would be because optimizations/validation fixes have been done on that theme and these files need to be reverted since the zip file would have overwritten the changed files that are checked in. It is a good idea to see what has changed. This is the case for biz-land, so say skip replace all files when it says should it overwrite.

Additionally, if planning to use Slides, the revealjs will need to be downloaded and extracted to the assets folder.

Setting Up on Mobile

The following Apps need to be installed:

In a folder called Magique in the Mobile (configured as the server's wwwroot), the Amadeus repository needs to be cloned.

Server should run on port 8080 (or any) - see port substitution code in cms.php

'url' => $local ? replace_vars('http://localhost%port%/amadeus/', 'port') : '',


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