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See our v4 release or our services. We are the technology backbone of the YieldMore Network and of Joyful Earth through which we offer services. Engage with Amadeus Web

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While the code is freely available, it's copyright notice explicitly states that it is "PROPRIETARY", so please exercise caution.

We believe its perfect for learning WEB DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and WRITING, and that in conjunction with and, it can be great for learning mobile app and full stack development.

Do know that it is also ideal for html developers, graphic designers, copywrtiters, marketeers etc either as an added skill or by augmenting their team.

Digital Agencies can discuss royalty terms and trainings with a "partner".

Why Us deals with its pros and cons at length.

Both YieldMore and AmadeusWeb are intended for use by Conscious Businesses ONLY, at any starting point, as long as that is the intention and it's progress is evident.

Training and Learning

To learn, you MUST register through one of our "technology partners" BEFORE YOU do the environment setup. Based on an evaluation, they will decide the fees, further commissions (when you turn professional) and how much 1-1 and group training you require.

If you are considering it being taught for school or university student groups, you may write to us and we will assign a trainer.

In both cases, certificates will be given to the level of proficiency obtained.

Progressive Inclusion

Since AmadeusWeb was conceived as Imran went about making websites for people and Charities from the experiment and he considers it a product / sister concern of, we have decided on a progressive model, linking your platform fees, pricing structure and collaboration terms closely with the ever evolving YM Growing Together Model.

Based on this, we are developing a 5 Level model for students, freelancers, agencies and technology partners with Level 5 a full on Growth Model collaboration.

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