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Welcome to Amadeus

Named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Amadeus Web gets it's name from the movie about him.

I'm still passionate about solving content and presentation challenges after building IT Products for 20 years.

I created Amadeus as something refreshing, content developer centric and well crafted in 2019 with it's 20-odd sites developed by me already.

Do see the services I offer and check out the community I am building with the people I work with.

See LinkedIn for my full work experience.

What is Amadeus Builder?

A slowly maturing CMS / web builder, quickly supports custom taxonomies and feature wise php/jQuery scripts.

Refined Solutioning

With its micro footprint, Amadeus is great at jumpstarting php or dB based development for a customized and optimized solution.

Clutterless Development

Written by a seasoned wordpress web and plugin developer, it's barebones approach makes coding and stitching things together a breeze.

Sophistication and Design Principles

Developers still building with discrete html or vanilla php will find Amadeus simple and easy to use.

Learning and Training

A great starting point to learn syntax, separation of concerns and code architecture, Amadeus is a great career jumpstarter with its learn to code as you go approach.

Some Advantages

Published At: LinkedIn

Working With Us

I charge upwards of Rs 30,000 for website development and work exclusively in

Will require an advance of 50% and a yearly hosting and platform renewal of Rs 10,000, first year free.

Post go live, content loading will be Rs 3,000 per half day utilised, and promotions will be extra.

We may need to engage a graphics designer at extra cost for a logo and other key assets. I am familiar with and

Amadeus is especially strong with a planned and sustained development of content, works easily with sheets for data, has an awesome engage us via email feature, is blazing fast and has no hassles of security, plugin maintenance and data synchronisation.

I would not recommend the standalone version so would require you to go for the managed hosting option.

I am happy to give a 10% referral commission and to keep whoever refers me in the coordination whatsapp group.

I work only with socially conscious people who are doing good works in the world.

Usually relying on you, the client for giving text and banners, I can develop the content given a brief myself for Rs 1000 per page.

If a different theme than the ones available at is needed to be developed, I will charge an extra 5k as this is a complex programming work.

A professional html theme may need to be bought if you the client requires one other than the existing or which I am licensed to use.

Home page content is driven by an easily maintained Google sheet and is rich in aesthetic with multiple sections.

I, Imran have 23 years experience building software, have worked extensivy with wordpress and made websites for myself. Amadeus is the culmination of my experience. I have been building websites with it since 2019 seen here

My code is clean, simple and powerful and links to them are at

Do not confuse me for the inexperienced developer who will build things messily and give you difficulties getting things done the right way or have hassles managing content.

Thank you for your consideration.

Feel free to msg or email me for clarifications.

Imran Ali Namazi,

Working Pro Bono

Am willing to exchange favours if you can suggest something.

One An opportunity to train a developer of your choosing who can then freelance either for commercials or pro bono is one thought.

Two Another is to allow me to embed ads for paid services (hub), donation opportunities (help) and health information. So also Tips and Quotes - specific content that you can whitelist from what I offer on those areas promoted on our network.

Three Also, to put yieldmore more prominently on YOUR website, include posts occasionally on your social media and refer by word of mouth where possible.

If you can start sending content either by email or in Google Drive, I can cover a lot of ground within a few days of working but I'll need some time and clarity before I begin.

Guidance on marketing is possible at

What the Documentation Says

What is Amadeus?

Written in PHP, Amadeus is a Microframework or Content Management System used for hand crafting powerful websites. It's a no-nonsense proprietary system, unique for its NO-DATABASE and customizable taxonomy (content architecture). It has been used in over 20 websites - best of all, it uses a single copy of its libraries per server and can run on your server using the standaloneapp variable. The themes and framework folders contained in its core are accessed via an entry point by the cms file of the site's code folder. It boasts a 20kb footprint, has a few modules and loads the html in a blazing < .05 seconds, using on average < 1MB as seen here. It extensively uses the scandir and file_get_contents which calls the disk as seen here. It uses git technology to effectively manage content and code in a single online repository. Databases, though frowned upon, GCP may become the de facto Headless CMS for systems like Sunlight. A PWA was proven in November 2021 to bring a mobile app feel.

Next Steps


Our Services:


Let our diverse experience and commitment to building more conscious communities and aid in your life's mission and work for us jointly. We have a suggestion on how finances are to be worked out across teams and "clients".

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A different approach to learning It's hard to push oneself or their child to learn unless they are emotionally invested in it. It's also easy to channel creativity when there is a fountain of enthusiasm causing it to be. Most of our lives we've been so engrossed in our pursuits, it's conceivable to even call it flow state. We are not here to drive our course takers, and though we can guide on life visioning and skills and career choices, we would rather that direction come from you. We are here to explore sensibilities, emotions, ambitions, creative outlets, talents, hobbies and discuss how to become relevant with skills in a world that's coming apart at the seams. Remember, if you want to walk far, then walk together. Come, express yourself. Join an avant-garde system of mentoring and peer learning. We have creative writing, self expression, media skills and even programming experience to offer to you and your children. Imran Ali Namazi
27 May 2023

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