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Guiding and Mentoring — Services


A different approach to learning

It's hard to push oneself or their child to learn unless they are emotionally invested in it. It's also easy to channel creativity when there is a fountain of enthusiasm causing it to be.

Most of our lives we've been so engrossed in our pursuits, it's conceivable to even call it flow state.

We are not here to drive our course takers, and though we can guide on life visioning and skills and career choices, we would rather that direction come from you.

We are here to explore sensibilities, emotions, ambitions, creative outlets, talents, hobbies and discuss how to become relevant with skills in a world that's coming apart at the seams.

Remember, if you want to walk far, then walk together.

Come, express yourself. Join an avant-garde system of mentoring and peer learning.

We have creative writing, self expression, media skills and even programming experience to offer to you and your children.

Imran Ali Namazi
27 May 2023

Posted At: LinkedIn


These links could help you get started. I suggest to youngster to express themselves using Amadeus Web for their own website and to learn games.

  1. imran.yieldmore.org - see the code of the Amadeus Site on bitbucket.
  2. Games in C# - circa 2010 including Chess, Freecell, Ludo -> Try the EXEs.
  3. Quiz cum Entertainment - Intellitick in jQuery.
  4. WebXR with 3d Models and the basis for online VR and AR games and environments.
  5. Amadeus Web to make websites, your own site and learn to freelance. See its sub pages Getting Started and Making Websites. Also explore canva.com and express.adobe.com.

Conversation and Mindspace

  1. Keep Smiling - something I wrote in 2017 for youngsters and their parents.
  2. Writing as a way to reflect on the world and find direction like Stormy and Strobe in Curious Lives.
  3. Do one of the Wisdom Programmes.
  4. Work more with children.
  5. Consider joining the Good Generation Project, starting a PACT Franchise or speaking for Earth.

YM Projects and Volunteering

  1. Help establish a New Age Education.
  2. Heal through words and write affirmations.
  3. Champion Causes and Avert Crises.
  4. Join Entheos and learn from The Gita and other scriptures.
  5. Volunteer at more of the YieldMore Ideas.
  6. Help build the YieldMore Community.

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