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Collaboration and IT Consulting — [Services] — Assistant

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Engage with Amadeus / Know about us

See our v4 release or our services. We are the backbone of the yieldmore promotions network. Click the button below to engage with us! Engage with Amadeus Web

Amadeus' Services

Collaboration and IT Consulting — Services


Let our diverse experience and commitment to building more conscious communities and aid in your life's mission and work for us jointly.

We have a suggestion on how finances are to be worked out across teams and "clients".

Read more about

  • Our Methodology
  • Promotion and Networking
  • PR Material Inventory
  • Website
  • YieldMore and Beyond
  • Mentoring and Writing / Story Telling
  • Media Development

Team Members

Our Methodology

Promotion and Networking

Our Model involves a 10k retainer for promotion services and a 20% base commission which will support the growth of the community.

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PR Material Inventory


Build your own website in Amadeus for a minimum of 30k over 2 months.

The Network

Attract to Ideas and Causes

at yieldmore.org (runs Amadeus)

Speak Interact Meet Act Review

Our own social media at do.yieldmore.org (runs ossn)

** Guidelines for OSSN: Only constructive and after reader commits to be open minded, single pointed and a hard worker in action.

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SEO Description

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