Note from Imran

I'm still passionate about solving content and presentation challenges after building both simple and enterprise level websites and IT Products for 20 years.,

I created Amadeus as something refreshing, content developer centric and well crafted in 2019 with its 20+ "practice sites".

It boasts NO DATABASE, NO WYSIWYG and NO HEADACHE and is ever getting easier to work in with its "Craft in Google Drive" flavour.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable upto 20 forward thinking individuals, conscious businesses and spiritually tuned communities in the next two years.

What we Do?

Our core strengths are web development (using designs from the internet), some work with content and graphics, and a lot of programming. We prefer to train clients to manage their own web updation and to educate them on growing their social media presence.

Our Company's Values

We believe a bright and better world is possible, but one that we have to strive together hard to build. With a deep sense of the spiritual, Imran's writing comes from a fount of optimism and feeling.


quantum engage - a community with a listing. Achieved here

Wave Makers

We can all be wavemakers, weaving healing and delight into the song of life.

Areas of Website:

Smart Health Center

I would like to create a query system where

  1. When I enter a patient's name
  2. If the name is entered for the first time, it will create a new entry
  3. The rest of the name is prompted, based on earlier entries
  4. The possible initials are suggested, based on earlier entries
  5. The card numbers are prompted, based on earlier entries
  6. The name and card number are registered in attendance sheet
  7. The date is registered on individual patient sheet
  8. If certain details such as age, contact number, address, symptoms are not filled for the patient, the system will prompt a request for the missing details
  9. Parallelly a second person can access the same database and can update details like treatment details etc.